Installation Instructions for Hayabusa
  1. You will need the following tools: Dremel tool (or drill) with small router bit, medium flat tip screwdriver, metric hex wrenches from the tool kit from your bike.

  1. Remove the following from the bike:
    1. Rear seat or cowl
    2. Drivers Seat
    3. Two upper tank bolts and prop up tank with tank stand
    4. Middle and lower fairing bolts only
    5. Upper black cover screws
    6. Front foot pegs
    7. Exhaust canister/slip on(s)

  1. Pull the lower faring away from the bike. It should fall about 5 inches away from the frame. This is more than enough room to work in. Place the right frame cover over the frame and check the fit. Trim where necessary. (Please trim a little at a time). Mark the cover for the lower fairing bolt hole and the driver seat bolthole and drill holes with Dremel tool or drill. Place frame cover in place and attached lower faring bolt. Do not attach driver seat bolt at this time.

(Note 1) When installing the left side frame cover, you will need to remove the coolant reservoir and place cover underneath. There will be mounting holes already provided in the cover.

  1. Now for the right side swing arm. Remove the rear brake line from the rear brake caliper. Use the flat tip screwdriver to loosen the tabs that hold the brake line to the swing arm and pull the brake line through the swing arm. Use a piece of tape to hold the brake line up as high as possible in order to save as much brake fluid as possible. IMPORTANT: You will need to bleed your rear brakes before you ride! Please see your owner’s manual for the suggested brake fluid. Now place the swing arm cover over the swing arm and mark the cover for cutting for the rear axle bolt. Start with a small hole with the Dremel or drill and trim with the utility knife. Widen, as needed checking the fit with the cover back on the swing arm after each cut. Once you can get the cover to lie flat against the swing arm, feed the brake line through the cover and then back to the caliper holding the cover firmly against the swing arm. Once you have it where you want, force the brake line back under the holding tabs. These tabs should be pretty tight and will hold the swing arm cover in place.

(Note) You will notice that the tab for rear spools is also covered. We recommend the use of rear spools in order to secure the swing arm cover. Use a Dremel tool or drill to place small hole in cover and insert spools thru cover and into the tabs on the swing arm.
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