Chromed Out Frame Covers Inc
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About Our Product
We manufacture CHROME PLASTIC COVERS that have been molded to look like the frame, subframe, swingarm, foot peg brackets, ram air tubes and triple trees. Each cover has been engineered to fit securely over each piece giving the appearance that the part has been chrome plated.

Each cover is designed to attach to the bike using existing hardware already on the motorcycle and come with a complete set of step by step instructions. The average time it takes a bike owner is approx 4-6 hours to install the entire kit.

The covers start with a durable .060 mill black plastic covered by a chrome formable film. Then the chrome film is protected by a thin layer of clear laminate making the covers MAINTENANCE FREE. This also protects the covers from damage and is UAV treated. There is never a need to polish or buff the covers. To clean you only need to rinse off with water and dry. We do suggest that when the owner waxes the paint, to also wax the covers. This allows for even easier cleaning.

Currently the "Full Chrome Kit" for the Hayabusa consisting of frame, swing arm, front and rear foot peg brackets can be purchased for $589 plus shipping. Full Kits for bikes where the frame is exposed all the way up to the neck range from $524 - $565, and will include the subframe covers when required. The equivalent in having each piece chrome plated would start at $2500.

You do not have to purchase the entire kit if you do not need it. We offer the ability for our customers to purchase just what they need. Several packages are available including “Frame Only”, which is only the right and left side covers for the frame only and are priced from $359 to $380 per set.

If each piece offered was actually chrome plated, it would add from 9 to 13 pounds to the dry weight of your bike. You can add our entire kit to your bike and it will add LESS THAN A POUND!
What if you could purchase chrome pieces that covered the parts that you wanted chrome plated?
What if you could install these peices yourself?
Click to see instructions for Hayabusa.
What if the covers did not have to be polished, ever?
What if these pieces were the fraction of the cost of Chrome plating or even half the cost of a good polishing?
What if you already have some parts on your bike chromed?
What if the entire kit weighed less than a pound?